Personalized Singing Stuffed Animals

Personalized Singing Stuffed Animals
Sing Your Child's Name!

Why settle for a short sound clip of a generic song like other companies offer.
Get instead a Full Length Album personalized just for your Child! These albums contain the same
full length songs you'll find on all our Friendly Songs Personalized Music CDs.

Choose from any one of our 7 Personalized Full length albums, each singing your child's name throughout each of the songs.

Every Cuddly Singer is As Unique as Your Child and it's easy for them to use...
simply squeeze the Stuffed Animal's belly to activate music.

Find Your Child's Name and Choose Your Favorite Plush Animal

Then Choose Your Album and we'll take care of the rest

We use a sound module as a playback device to record the songs in your singing stuffed animals.

These sound modules have several very cool new features that are not available anywhere else:

  • The sound module holds ONE WHOLE ALBUM OF SONGS, not just one song or part of a song.
  • The sound module has a HIGH and LOW VOLUME setting to allow you to adjust the volume down for lullabies or other songs where the customer doesn't want it to play to loud.
  • LARGER PLAY BUTTON which makes it easier to find and push inside the stuffed animals.
  • BATTERY DOOR DESIGN which makes it easier to install batteries without using any tools.
  • Sound module player controls allow user to PAUSE, SKIP to next song and START again from the beginning of the album.
  • ADDED AUTO-OFF feature to allow the unit to shut down automatically to conserve battery life.

Please note that vouchers, coupons or other discount offers cannot be applied to singing plush animals. Singing plush animals are not eligible for any promotional offers.

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