Dog Pedigree Personalized Print

"A must Keepsake"for Dog Lovers"

This Canine keepsake is a suitable for framing print about man's best friend - the dog. This wonderful pet pedigree certificate contains the name of your dog, the breed name, a paragraph about the breed, and an optional place for a photograph of your pet, as well as your name as the owner. Printed in landscape format and is suitable for framing. You may choose to have an optional circular cut-out creating a place for a photograph of the animal. No need to send your photograph, just paste or tape your pet's photo to the back of the print once you receive it.

Select from 166 Breeds of Dogs. If you have a mixed breed, use the predominate breed and select Mix. If you select 'Mix' then the word 'Mix' will appear before the name of the breed which you have chosen.

If you have no idea what breed of Dog you have, use either My Dog, Mutt, Mongrel or, the ever popular, Heinz 57 breed selections.

To create your customized print you will need to:

  • Provide the name of your dog (MANDATORY)
  • Enter the owners name (This field is MANDATORY)
  • Select the breed (This field is MANDATORY)
  • Choose the Size of your dog (MANDATORY)
  • Choose whether your breed is purebred or mix
  • Choose whether your dog is registered or unregistered
  • Choose  optional "Owned by" caption
  • Select an optional quote
  • Choose whether you would like an optional cut-out photo frame or not (MANDATORY)

 Keepsake for a deceased pet. The following caption and quotes are suitable for a deceased pet.

Owned By Caption

11. In Loving Memory of (Dog Name Here).
12. (Dog Name Here), Always in my Heart.
13. In Memory of (Dog Name Here).
14. (Dog Name Here), Gone but not forgotten.

Dog Quotes

36. * Forever Endeared by
37. * Forever Loved by
38. * Missed by
39. * Forever Missed by

Print size 8½" x 11".  Acid free paper, 67 lb. stock (heavy cardstock).


Dog Pedigree Personalized Print

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