Kids Jukebox Music for Me! - Mini CD

A shortened version of our popular Kids' Juke Box Music for Me! Album. Has a selection of four songs from the orginal album.

This upbeat and exciting Personalized Kids Music CD featurs 4 original tracks that will entertain your child as well as teach them their ABC’s and 123’s. These personalized kids songs are some of the best we have and are sure to be a hit. Every child will benefit from the self-esteem building and educational titles like ”Wake Up”, “Jump Up and Down”, “Down In The Deep Blue Sea” and “Sleepy Time”.

Your child will be singing and dancing while listening to THEIR NAME being sung throughout the 4 track cd!

Please note that although the sample songs below include all 12 tracks of the full Kids Juke Box Music CD,

the Mini CD only contains the following 4 songs:

  . Wake Up

  . Jump Up and Down

  . Down In The Deep Blue Sea

  . Sleepy Time

Listen To Samples Here
(random names used for demonstration purposes only)

Kids Jukebox Music for Me! - Mini CD

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