My Party with Barney Personalized Kids DVD

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My Party with Barney Personalized Kids Photo DVD

Barney, BJ and Baby Bop are planning a special birthday party just for you! Join them as they sing, dance, and celebrate your birthday in this full length TV episode. Your child is featured in full color animation throughout this Photo Personalized Kids video adventure and is sure to be remembered as the best birthday party ever. Barney and his friends also have a few surprises to share on a child's special day in this photo personalized kids DVD!
Run Time: 18 minutes

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*Star's face shown throughout video.
*Star's name is spoken throughout video.
*DVD label is personalized with the Star's first name.

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Due to the personalized nature of this gift, all sales are final. We will accept returns or refunds in the case of manufacturing defect only. The star's photo will appear in the product exactly as it appears when you submit it. We will not enhance or improve your photo and we accept no responsibility for poor photographic quality as it relates to the product.