My Very Own Music Personalized Kids Music CD

Your child's name is sung or spoken over 30 times in this fun and upbeat personalized kids music cd. Included are seven original songs written and performed by award winning songwriters and studio musicians. Your kids will be singing and dancing from the moment they "Wake Up", right up until "Sleepy Time".

Enter your child's name in the search box below. If the name you want is available, it will start to play a sample of the "Wake Up" song immediately.

If you are unable to find your child's name please give us a call as we may be able to suggest other spellings of the name that that have the same pronunciation.

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 Tracks on this album:
- Track 1 : Wake Up

- Track 2 : Fishes and Froggies
- Track 3 : Outside
- Track 4 : Driving the Car
- Track 5 : The Alphabet Song
- Track 6 : The Sharing Song
- Track 7 : The Best Costume
- Track 8 : Sleepy Time

Wake Up

This catchy tune will entertain your child while teaching them to establish good morning routines. Every time your child hears this song, he or she is encouraged to practice good hygiene habits, like brushing your teeth! “It’s time to start your day! Make your bed, dress with care, brush your teeth, comb your hair”

 Fishes and Froggies

 Is your child fond of pets and animals? This personalized song helps children learn that even though animals cannot talk, they communicate with their behavior and body language. It teaches some of the responsibilities of pet ownership and how animals, just like people, need love and affection too! Fishes and Froggies, Kittys and doggies, rabbits, all kind of birds  need a whole lot of loving and kissing and hugging, even if they can't say words…


 Fitness begins at home! This popular melody encourages your child to turn off the TV, go outside and embrace the exciting world. This hip-hop influenced personalized song is sure to have your child bouncing to the beat.

 Driving In the Car

My Very Own Music Personalized Kids Music CD

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