Nursery Rhymes Personalized Kids Music CD and Personalized Book Gift Set

This fun-filled and exciting Personalized Kids Music CD includes 22 classic nursery rhymes you remember from your own childhood, enhanced with upbeat music and special effects. These happy, comical renditions, personalized with your child's name 37 times, will have your special child laughing, singing, and dancing along . . . a good, good time and hours of fun.

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*Star's name spoken and sung throughout the cd.
*Star's name and 3 lines of personalized text printed on the label.

 To read the storyline for the Mother Goose book please click this link:

I have lost my way home!" exclaims Mother Goose to your child. Of course you child wants to help. In their journey, they ask for directions from an old woman living in a giant shoe, come across the kings men helping Humpty Dumpty, are frightened away from Little Miss Muffet because of the spider, and many other adventures along the way. Your child will truly enjoy this unique take on the classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes!

This is a quality hard-cover personalized childrens book with washable surface and fully illustrated pages in color. (24 pages)

Nursery Rhymes Personalized Kids Music CD and Personalized Book Gift Set

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