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 Now you have a choice…DIGITAL ONLY OR PHYSICAL CD with optional digital copy! With your purchase of any of our amazing physical CD products, you can request a BONUS digital copy that can be used in any digital device….iPads, iPods, smartphones, tablets, computers, thumb/USB drive…just about ANYWHERE!

If you choose physical CD, and also want the digital content included, please ensure that you request this!

Just complete your order and in the comments section on the checkout page enter "Send Me Digital"

You can even stream via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth-enabled speaker or device!

Just complete your order and indicate that you are requesting the optional digital copy along with your physical CD or just a digital copy only.We’ll send you a code within 2-3 business days to access your purchase in digital format…and best of all…you still get a personalized studio quality CD…a memorable keepsake forever! And don’t forget…you can also order DIGITAL ONLY as well! ORDER TODAY!


       1. DIGITAL CONTENT ONLY (no CD will be produced or shipped)…or…

                   2. PHYSICAL CD                     

If you choose physical CD, and also want the digital content included, please ensure that you check this option! Please ensure that you have ORDERED THE CORRECT PRODUCT (DIGITAL, PHYSICAL OR PHYSICAL WITH a request for DIGITAL copy as well) before finalizing your order!

All digital products will be produced and available for electronic delivery within 2-3 business days of your order date.

It's very simple to preview songs and add them to your shopping cart.

  1. Type your child's name into the search box below
  2. Click on the music album you would like to hear
  3. Scroll down the page and click on the cd title you want to order.
  4. Choose whether you would like to order Physical CD or Digital Copy                

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