Friendly Songs Personalized CD Kit



Every child dreams of being the STAR of their own music CD. You can make their dreams come true! It's Easy!

This, As Seen On TV, Personalized CD Kit contains instructions for creating your very own customized CD. Each kit includes a CD to burn the album of your choice. Personalized CD's are the perfect gift for any occasion; Birthdays, Holidays, New Baby Arrivals ... or just because! Great gift for the occasion where you do not know which album the child would prefer. A CD kit allows for the choice of any of our 7 available albums. CD created online in a few easy steps.

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It's the perfect gift for someone when:

  • You don't yet know the child's name.
  • You don't know which CD they would want most.
  • You want to have a few on hand for last minute gift giving.
  • You want to be able to experience picking the music out with your child.
  • Or many other reasons!

Here's How it Works

With our new My Friendly Songs Personalized CD Kit the CD isn't personalized until you decide. So one kit can be given to any child. The gift recipient then personalizes it in a few simple steps:

  1. Follow the directions in the kit.
  2. Select the child's name, pronunciation and album.
  3. Enter the unique code included with the kit to authorize.
  4. Then download and burn to the included CD (software provided).

Now if you already know who you want to get a CD for and which album you want to get them then we still recommend getting one of our "Premium CDs" that are completely personalized and ready to go. Simply put it in a CD player and hit play.

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But if you are not sure about the child's name (Mom & Dad haven't decided yet), or you are not sure which CD the child would like, or you just want to have some kits on hand for that last minute gift giving, then the My Friendly Songs Personalized CD Kit is just what you need.  Order yours today by clicking the 'Add to cart' button at the top of this page.


Friendly Songs Personalized CD Kit

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