My Golf Adventure Personalized Book

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This book takes a comical and humorous approach to your golfer’s very own personal style and will personalize their golfer profile. If you know the avid golfer well, then you know they will appreciate the truth’s about them in this story. The only thing safe from their golf shots are the fairway’s…worms, trees, ducks, fish, and birds are in mortal danger. Every swing produces a specific result…the “Worm Burner, the “Skull Shot”, the “Pop-Fly”, and the most favorite of all, the “Ooops, that’s a mulligan”. This book lets your golfer have no problem shooting a 42…on the first hole, but he or she finishes nicely at the 19th hole. Perfect for putters of any age.

This is a quality hard-cover personalized book with washable surface and fully illustrated pages in color. (36 pages)

Suitable for ages 10 to 99.

This book measures 6¾" x 8¼".

Pictures depict a male golfer

My Golf Adventure Personalized Book

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