Sports Superstar Personalized Childrens Book

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Does your child like to play many different sports? Do they aspire to be a pro-ball player one day? This story leads them through a nice daydream where they actually become a part of the game. After seeing an ad for a new sporting goods store, your child visits the new outlet but finds it does more than just offer the tools of the game. While examining a pile of baseball bats, he or she will suddenly be in the World Series. A grand-slam homerun brings them back to the store. A dribble of the on-display basketballs sends him or her onto the court of the Finals, and grip of the store’s footballs puts them on the field during the Super Bowl. Back in the real world, while leaving the store, your child notices the trophy display and realizes that dreams can come true with hard work and practice. Any young athlete will get goose-bumps from this exciting book.

This book measures 9" x 6". This is a quality hard-cover personalized childrens book with washable surface and fully illustrated pages in color. (24 pages)

Sports Superstar Personalized Childrens Book

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