Three Little Pigs Personalized Childrens Book

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It’s moving day for the three little pigs; boxes and suitcases are everywhere. Your child will help them all on this fun occasion. First, they have to find the materials to build with. One pig chooses products from a straw salesman, another finds a stick salesman, and of course the third buys bricks. Everyone knows about the wolf that lives in the woods and it’s up to your child to help all the pigs stay free from harm’s way. Of course there is the “tap-tap-tapping” at the door of the straw house by the big bad wolf, but your child is there to help. We won’t spoil the rest of the story for you, if you don’t already know it. This is a cute variation of the classic original fairy tale, except your child becomes the hero!This book measures 9" x 6".

This is a quality hard-cover personalized childrens book with washable surface and fully illustrated pages in color. (24 pages)

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Three Little Pigs Personalized Childrens Book

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